Give Me Strength

Yeesh! What a day!

It started off as usual – got out of magic bed, had a bowl of magic oats, took a quick magic shower and headed over to the magic gym for some quick 3-point shots (not magic, just skill).

Everything’s cool until I trot down to the loading dock to take delivery of this month’s shipment of rainbows only to discover, hey, all the colors are backwards!

I ask the delivery porcupine what’s the deal and he just shrugs and tells me to call head office. Of course head office weaves me this magical web of fairy crap about how they followed our specifications and I’m like, hey, this is the same order we’ve been making for the last three years and unless I’m calling you guys up in the middle of the night to adjust our rainbow specs while I’m asleep, nothing’s changed!

Bottom line, they can’t fill the replacement order until next Friday at the earliest. Fantastic. We’re already down to our last half-pallet of rainbows and I’m staring a full week of rainbowless Extreme Fevers dead in the face.

Well, you know what they say: when the going gets tough, the quick-thinking and resourceful unicorns get going. I cancelled all the classes, assembled the Masters in the warehouse, handed them slide rules and prisms and told them to get to work.

Believe me, they weren’t happy. Warren started whining hardcore, Jimmy actually cried and Cinderbottom flatly refused, saying it was beneath his station as an accredited Peggle Master and Lord of the Order of the Flame blah blah blah. Finally I had to pull out a Peggle board and show everybody just what Extreme Fever without a rainbow looks like.

Nobody said anything. They just picked up their gear (well, the ones with hands did, anyway) and got to work. That’s why they’re the best team in the business. Together we inverted eight hundred pounds of rainbows in just seven hours. I don’t know if you know how much a rainbow weighs, but trust me, eight hundred pounds is a LOT of rainbows.

It was a lot of work we were forced to do by the failure of our incompetent suppliers, but when it was finally over and we threw the last corrected rainbow down the transduction chute, I’ll tell you, it felt great. I made a keg of magic elixir appear in a puff of smoke and we all toasted our efforts except for Jimmy, who’s still two gopher-months shy of gopher-legal. I suppose it all turned out okay but Moon, we sure don’t need too many days like that again!

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