More Lessons, More Balls

Busy day here at the Institute, folks. We’re adding a whole new wing to expand our remote teaching facilities and ball storage. Just in time, too; I’ve been tripping over extra balls all week (what with the whole Gamestop “Free Peggle Ball with Dual Shot pre-order” deal going now).

But it’s the remote teaching I’m really excited about. We’ve seen a huge influx of human students here at the Institute over the last year and it’s been a struggle to accommodate everyone. Transmitting Peggle lessons across the Einstein-Pooper magical sub-quantum bridge to the human universe may seem like a simple operation to you, but it requires a lot of heavy equipment on our end. We’ve been keeping all the gear in my office up to this point, so it’ll be nice to be able to get a cup of coffee without having to climb out the window.

I’m blogging from my uPhone as the contractors install the new transmitter, and let me tell you, it’s a sight! Or rather, it would be if it wasn’t invisible. According to Splork it’s a huge glob of eighty-foot purple candy-canes rotating in six and a half different directions backwards in time. I’ll take his word for it. Hey, I just pay the bills around here.

Anyway, this new setup will allow us to deliver four septillion simultaneous lessons to your Earth every month, which is up three septillion from before and should easily last us until the end of the semester. If you like, grab a copy of Peggle and help us test it out!

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