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Holy smokes, people like Peggle!

I guess we already knew that, but it wasn’t until I took a gander through our barrel of human press clippings that I realized the full intensity of some folks’ appreciation. We’re going to get a full Press section up here on the site in a few days, but I wanted to take some quick blog space to share some of the choicer plaudits. Check ‘em out:

“For a game starring a talking unicorn, the most surprising thing about Peggle is the value…”

Why would that be surprising? Talking unicorns are quality!

“Peggle Deluxe might be better titled Peggle Deluxe Extreme Super Dynamite.”
Games for Windows magazine

That was actually our first choice. Unfortunately, our lawyers told us there’s already a brand of motorized wheelchair with that name.

“Few games make winning feel this good.”
TheOnion/AV Club

Aw, thanks. We put a lot of effort into our winning-feel-goodness so it’s nice to see it’s appreciated.

“I’ve had more fun with Peggle than with anything else that’s come out recently… and that alone makes it worth the unicorns and rainbows.”

Again with the unicorn-bashing. What do these people have against unicorns?

“Peggle… has a rhythmic, hypnotic quality not often found in other media.”
The New York Times

Wow! The New York Times! They said that? Really?

So there you go, just a quick taste of some of the nice things people have said about our humble little game. Why, if I wasn’t such a sensible, self-effacing guy with all four hooves on the ground, it might just go to my head!

Next week: More stuff! And in the meantime, don’t forget that pre-orders for Peggle Dual Shot and PopCap Arcadeare LIVE!

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