From One to Zero

Hey, folks. Bit frazzled here today. I’ve got computer problems.

Now, our computers are a bit different from yours. Whereas your computers move “electrons” around in “logical patterns,” ours operate on much more awesome magical principles. So while you guys keep making your computers smaller and smaller, so small you can carry ‘em around with you and slop alfredo sauce on them without thinking, we go the other way; our computers just keep getting bigger!

Why, just last month I had to knock a wall down to add enough RAM for a Doors Vista upgrade. Now THAT’S a computer! And let me tell you, I’m in no danger of misplacing it or dropping it down the stairs!

Anyway, such remarkable efficiency sometimes comes with a cost. It seems a family of spider monkeys has taken up residence somewhere in my registry. Normally I wouldn’t mind, I’d just work around it, but today my browser is clogged with monkey waste and I can’t get anything done.

Nope, I had to bite the bit and call in a team of computer gremlins. They charge 50 coins an hour and they’ve been at it all morning. No use watching them work, either (they say it makes them “fungly”), so I trotted on over to Hu’s office, sent him for coffee and logged on under my account so I could tap up this blog post.

Now that’s done, I still have to head down to the workshop and take a look at the new Peggle boards we’re putting together. A headmaster’s work is never done, only postponed!

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