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More Xbox Peggle!

Gasp! Just as I and my staff stagger off our dizzying three-week Peggle XBLA bender, ANOTHER Peggle Xbox opportunityappears!


Hey, no, everything’s great on our end, folks. All is well. The few reports we’ve heard about zombies are no big deal.


Holy camel, folks, stuff’s strikingly desperate here at the Institute! We’ve suddenly utterly lost all power! – – – I don’t know how it happened. Investigations are on the hoof. All I know for sure is that at approximately 9:38 … Continue reading

Masters Challenged!

Wow, I don’t know about you folks, but we all had a great time yesterday at our wacky “Game with the Masters” event! Losing’s never felt so fun!


I’m nervous! I’ve never competed in a cross-dimensional “Game with the Peggle Masters” event before!

Masters of Challenge

MASTERS OF CHALLENGE As I’m sure you can imagine, things here at the Institute have pretty much ground to a halt. We’re all too busy watching what’s going on in your world!

Peggle Event Roundup

Hi, folks! Peggle Fever continues to spread unabated across your world, manifesting itself this week in happenings, events and occurrences like “Game with the Peggle Masters” and the SXSW Nintendo Lounge!

Spotlight: Heather Hazen 2

Check it out! Heather Hazen is still with us telling us what it’s like to produce games at PopCap! (Click here for Part 1 of our interview!)

Spotlight: Heather Hazen

Hi, folks! Today we’re having a serious sit-down with Heather Hazen, producer with the Video Games Platform group at PopCap Games and maker of Peggle XBLA!

X to the Box, LIVE!

Hold it! Stop! Drop everything! You, with the pie! Drop it! I need your attention in order to tell you that Peggle XBLA is ALIVE!

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