Nuts to Xbox!

Whoops, did I say “nuts”? I meant “Nights!” Peggle Nights is coming to Xbox!

About time, too! For too long have XBLA players been denied the nocturnal noodlings of Peggle’s alter-self! Too long have they been unable to experience the dreams and imaginings of the Peggle Masters! Too long have they been forced to endure lives without fancy particle effects, 60 new levels and 60 fresh challenges!

Too long all around! And when I think of how XBLAers have yet to meet our newest Master, Marina of the Deeps, nor have had the opportunity to wield the furious power of her Electrobolt power, I… I cry a little. Manly unicorn tears, of course, but tears nonetheless.

Now, you may well ask, “When is this wonderful occurance going to occur?” Allow me to respond, “I’m not exactly sure.” Scheduling can be a bit fluid in matters such as these. The temporal target lies somewhere between September and November; some know this time as “October.” October, sometime, is what we’re thinking.

Until then, though, check out this article at for additional details!

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