Monthly Archives: October 2009

Hallo, We!

Hi, folks! I don’t know about you humans, but for those of us in the Peggle universe, Hallowee’en is the most hallowed festival of the year!


Hi, folks! You know, we’ve got some terribly secret stuff going on in the Peggle labs, and as any secret-keeper knows, the best way to keep secrets is to post them on a public web site!

What’s up with the Art Contest?

Hi, folks! Some of you may be wondering, along with the title of this blog update, “What’s up with the Art Contest?” – – – The simple answer is, “Nothing’s up with it. We had it, it ended, the winners got … Continue reading

Return from Tiki Island

Hi, folks! Bjorn Unicorn here, reporting live from the Peggle Institute and, more importantly, NOT from a mysterious tiki island!