Return from Tiki Island

Hi, folks! Bjorn Unicorn here, reporting live from the Peggle Institute and, more importantly, NOT from a mysterious tiki island!

Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how I returned to the Peggle Institute other than to say it involved an improvised telegraph machine, a banana boat, and an unusually lost theatrical company touring a musical version of The English Patient. Suffice it to say, I’m back, I’m teaching, and if I ever see another coconut it’ll be too soon.

The Institute and its institutions had fallen into a little bit of disrepair in my absence, so I’ve been trotting around putting things to rights. A lot of mail and various other correspondences had piled up; I efficiently transported it all from inbox to out. We’d run low on balls and radians; I put in an order with our suppliers to top us up. Jimmy had burned down the entire Institute in a genetics experiment gone awry; I called the contractors and had the place rebuilt. And finally, nobody had refilled the coffee machine in the staff room; I did that.

You know what? I’ve been pretty busy today. It’s time for my lunch break!

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