What’s up with the Art Contest?

Hi, folks! Some of you may be wondering, along with the title of this blog update, “What’s up with the Art Contest?”

- – -

The simple answer is, “Nothing’s up with it. We had it, it ended, the winners got their prizes. What’s the beef?”

That’s a decent answer, as far as it goes. But there’s another answer, a more complicated answer, and that answer goes kinda like, “Sure, we had the contest and gave out the prizes, but we were also planning on releasing a special Art Contest Bonus Level Pack to allow folks to actually play some of these fan-made levels. This hasn’t happened yet, and the reason behind the non-happening involves time. We’ve had a few hiccups in time lately, not just because I’ve been out of the office for a while, but also because time itself has started acting up. Backwards going been even time’s, instances isolated some in, indeed!”

“Don’t worry,” the complicated answer would go on to reassure, “we’re getting it all straightened out. Time Wizards have been called in and promised coins if they can lick our timey troubles. Once that’s done, the Peggle Art Contest Bonus Level Pack will become available to all!”

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