Hallo, We!

Hi, folks! I don’t know about you humans, but for those of us in the Peggle universe, Hallowee’en is the most hallowed festival of the year!

As every resident of the Peggle universe knows, Hallowe’en began many years ago when someone decided to dress up as someone else in order to commit a series of bold candy-beggings. The plan worked so well that it was adopted culturewide the next year, and thus, the holiday of Hallowe’en was born! Plus there was some religious element. I forget which.

Now you may ask, if Hallowe’en is so special, why aren’t you dressed up? I would answer, “I am dressed up. I have disguised myself as the stodgy headmaster of a prestigious Peggle Institute!”

What? That’s not good enough? “Total cop-out,” is that what I’m hearing? I warn you, the last person who criticized my costume got turned into ice cream by some super-powerful unicorn magic. Is that what you want?

All right, fine. I do have another costume I was working on. Here you go.

Happy Hallowe’en!

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