Ball Blitzin’

Hi, folks! Regular readers of this blog may recall my warm friendship with a frog of striking magical ability. Well, it seems my amphibious associate has done it again!

As I mentioned the last time my pal dropped by, he’s turned his sphere-spitting habit into a game he likes to call “Zuma.” I honestly hadn’t given the matter much thought since then, but he’s been hard at work transforming his stately orb-elimination pastime into a frenzied blitz of ball-blasting fury! Each game lasts a minute and if you match balls fast enough, a storm of magic descends and infuses you with the ability to explode stuff all over like crazy! It’s a dizzying experience, and I’ve played Peggle!

Anyway, apparently it’s not quite ready to go yet, but it’sclose, so I thought: Hey, why not mention this “Zuma Blitz” on the Bjornblog? It’s either that or talk about my hernia. Balls it is!

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