Hi, folks! You know, a certain video has started to make the rounds on your human “InterWeb,” and I’d like to take this opportunity to set the record straight about it.

Of course my affection for rainbows is a longstanding matter of public record. I greatly approve of them, both in general and in the specific. They’re wonderful phenomena, not just as the signal symbol of a completed Peggle level but also in the lesser form in which they manifest themselves in your world.

A couple of weeks I had occasion to vacation on your Earth, a bit of a camping trip that took me into some of your wilds. There I encountered the first double rainbow I’d ever seen. Even for one as blasé about magic and various sundries as me, this was a wondrous sight, moving me to go on and on about it at some length.

Now, some folks —I’m not going to name names—have suggested that my joy and expressed ecstasy may have been, shall we say, augmented by recreation of the pharmaceutical sort. Let me be clear: this was not so. I was merely blown away entire by the exercise of some natural beauty, transported from the cares of the world by being chosen by fate to witness this grand double act of refraction. True, it was no Peggle, but it was very very pretty.

So if you find yourself in the company of one who would snicker and slyly imply that I need to alter myself in order to be fundamentally amazed, tell them straight from me: NUH-UH!

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