Certain Gases

Hi, folks! We’re out of oxygen this week at the Peggle Institute, but don’t worry: we’ve got loads of Synth-Ox!

I’ve noticed I spend a lot of time on this blog harping on the differences between our world and yours, and because the Peggle Universe has so many advantages over your human one, much of my harping sounds like bragging.

So this week, I’m delighted to take time out to discuss one of our great commonalities: our mutual love, need and respect for oxygen!

In our world and yours, oxygen is the chemical by which we all, dragon and human, unicorn and dog, metabolize our stuff. Without oxygen, that loveliest, most reactive of substances, we all perish!

Well, as I mentioned above, we suddenly ran out of oxygen this week. I’ll admit it was my fault; I was so busy supervising the magical instruction of our 2nd level Peggle Masters I completely forgot to put in the order. Renfield, who usually keeps track of our oxygen supplies, was holidaying in Peggle Portugal for the week, and without his careful attention Tuesday rolled up and we were down to our last kilojug. Since all the O-mongers were closed for Glanquor, we had no way to replenish our supplies until next Monday.

Luckily, though (and this is where forward-thinking unicorn administrative skills really reveal themselves), I’d had the foresight to get in a solid stock of Synth-Ox the previous month. As you surely know, Sythn-Ox is an artificial version of oxygen, tremendously useful in certain Peggle-related systems, so we were able to break open the stores and huff furiously to keep ourselves alive.

No need to worry; the fresh kilojugs of regular oxygen are on their way for a prompt Monday delivery, so our Synth-Ox supplies will hold us out over the weekend in only mild discomfort. So you see, though I often make our world out to be so much more different and magical and superior to yours in every respect, really we are much the same!

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