The Difference Between Horses

Hi, folks! Usually if I’m discussing things equine, I’m talking about unicorns. But today is different; today is about horses!

One of the best things about our arrangement with the human universe generally and PopCap Games in particular is that we get access to remarkable other universes filled with things both frivolous and amusing!

Recently PopCap opened up a portal to a strange new set of existences. For some reason they call this cosmos 4th and Battery, and it provides a tantalizing glimpse at a world of glorious sunshine, happy birds, cute-winged ponies and the agonized whinnying screams of said ponies being rendered into bloody fragments by endless meat grinders.

You see, not all horses in this particular world are pleasant. Most are, assuredly, but there is one who is not. This horse is highly unpleasant, and his drives and desires give shape to the world in question. He leaps from cloud to cloud, destroying birds who chance across his path, and when he spies a pleasant horse, he leaps atop it and… well, the result is not pretty. But it’s definitely entertaining!

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