Music of the Cheers

Hi, folks! Do you like music? Do you like PopCap Games’ Bejeweled? Do you like PopCap Games’ Bejeweled’s music? Then I have some information you may find appealing!

It’s a fact well known that the band/person/entity Skaven is the human source of music Bejeweled, from Bejeweled 2 all the way up to the more recent and mode-filled Bejeweled 3. Now, however, a game blog on a site called reveals that tracks spanning the Bejeweled experience are available for purchase and general listening. I need not point out that this is a triumph! Relive past Bejeweled glories with theJourney Begins track, soothe your soul to the enchanting frivolities of the Butterflies track, or poop your pants to the dooming thrills of the Lightning track! These and oh so many more await your ears and wallet with tense, trembling anticipation!

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