Unpleasant Rising

Hi, folks! A few weeks ago I breathlessly teased you all about the unpleasantness of a horse. Today I am breathless—gasp! gasp!—to announce that Unpleasant Horse, PopCap Games’ window into the horse’s world, is LIVE! Gasp!

I mean live in the sense of being available at Apple’s App store, of course. Normally under these circumstances I’d provide a web-link of some kind, but in this instance, well, I don’t know what that link might be. But if you are a proud owner of an iPad or an iPhone or any other kind of iTunes-connected iObject, I’m sure you already know the drill about how to get apps. So I heartily encourage you to go there and do just that!

Oh, and I have one more tantalizing fact! The monetary cost of this amusement? ZERO! That’s right; NO dollars and NO cents are required for purchase. Gasp! Do it quick so I can stop gasping!

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