White Water Rafting!

Hi, folks! I’m really excited to go white water rafting this weekend, because if there’s anywhere a noble grassland beast like myself feels at home, it’s lurching precariously down a river!

No, really, it’s going to be great. I allowed Jimmy and Marina to convince me this was a good idea and I’m not about to back out now. They insist it’ll be fun and I have virtually no reasons to doubt them.

On an entirely different topic, did you know that the structure of a unicorn’s trachea means we can drown on less than two tablespoons of water? I didn’t. I just looked that fact up now. Huh.

Anyway, I’m sure the expense, hassle and life-threatening risk involved in this madhouse adventure will be entirely eclipsed by some perceptible amount of fun. I’m confident that not every one of my legs will be broken, just as I sincerely believe the logistical problems of airlifting a comatose unicorn out of the wilderness for emergency resuscitation have been clearly worked out beforehand were such unfortunate steps to become necessary. Seriously, it’ll be fine.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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