Hi, folks! I heard the most remarkable thing from our colleagues at PopCap. Apparently they’ve been acquired, bodies and souls, by Electronic Arts!

Now I’ll admit I’m a bit fuzzy on what, exactly, it means to be acquired, as I’d been given to understand that ownership of humans by humans was rather frowned upon in your world. The folks at PopCap have tried to explain it to me, something about “shares” and “earnouts” and many large and densely packed bags of money. Evidently the people themselves remain sovereign beings, but the entity of PopCap is now owned by the entity of Electronic Arts.

Regardless, the humans I’ve spoke to seem to view the development as largely positive. I’m told the owners of PopCap had rejected many offers in the past to bail out with gobs of cash, and the reason they accepted this offer was because it would allow PopCap to explore fields and realms previously out of reach. The overall culture is said to be highly respected and the folks at PopCap have been repeatedly assured that EA values PopCap’s unique approach to making games.

We here at the Peggle Institute, proud co-partners with the humans at PopCap, give hearty congratulations to our colleagues across the universal divide, and we hope this development leads to many unthinkable achievements. Well done, PopCap!

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