Peggle HD!!!

Hi, folks!  Hold onto your cats, everybody; I’ve got actual Peggle NEWS!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Peggle has long been one of the most celebrated apps on the iPhone, portably pleasing children and other humans around your world. Well, today I am delighted beyond belief to inform you that Peggle is now available on the iPad!

The app goes by the piquant name “Peggle HD,” and the “HD,” I’m told, stands for “high definition.” I’ve had a chance to stamp around a few iPads, and I can confidently assert that this is some of the highest-definition Peggle you will ever encounter! The iPad has 1024 x 768 screen resolution, meaning your iPad can glow with an astonishing 786,432 pixels of Peggly fun! More pixels than the iPhone, and bigger pixels to boot! Now you’ll be able to make shots with a screaming accuracy to which only wizards and very special unicorns have previously had access.

But I urge you, use this power only for good. Never for evil! Evil is bad!

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