Pigger Upper!

Hi, folks! I can’t believe the folks at PopCap were able to wangle me an interview with the porcine heroes of Pig Up, but wangle they did!

With their bold invention of the PigLauncher and their stated goal to flap completely around the globe in under 78 days, this brother-brother team of Barry and R. Pig are making crazy history in the world of pigs!

Bjorn Unicorn: Thanks for joining me, guys. Tell me, how does the PigLauncher work?

R. Pig: (translated from Oinkish) I’m highly pumped you asked that, Bjorn! I wish I knew! As far as I’m concerned it’s a whole mess of hoses and blender parts jammed together and welded to the back of our pickup! I don’t really know all the details; Barry is the family genius when it comes to launching pigs.

Bjorn: Barry? Anything to add?

Barry Pig: *snork*

Bjorn: Uh… okay. How long have you guys been working on this?

R. Pig: Bjorn, I consider that question to be OUTSTANDING! In a way, we’ve been working on it all our lives. Even as piglets we liked to throw things up in the air and it was always highly disappointing when they came down again. Everything we’ve done has been a natural progression from there. What do you think, Barry?

Barry Pig: *snurk*

Bjorn: Sure, okay. Why not. Tell me, what sorts have things have you discovered in the skies above?

R. Pig: Lots of stuff! Flapples, of course, which are a rich source of energy for a flapping pig. Bigger Flapples with people’s faces on them for some reason. Rocket packs and magnets and weird pulsating arrows. And the bees, of course. Big bees, little bees, bees with swords, red bees… I hate those red bees SO MUCH. And yet I have the feeling it’s only the beginning, that whole new worlds await just beyond the horizon!

Bjorn: Remarkable! Your bold determination to fly completely around the globe has captured the imagination of the pig world. What brought that on?

R. Pig: Well, we just started flying, and kept getting further and further each time, so eventually we thought, heck, might as well go all the way!

Bjorn: I admire your directness and simplicity! One last question: Is there any truth to the rumor that Erich “Heir” Wulf and his sister Inga have developed a flying system similar to your own?

Barry Pig: No comment. This interview is over!

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