Hi, folks! I’d like to take a moment to say a few congratulatory words about one of my favorite phenomena: sound!



It’s easy to forget just how handy it is that oscillations of pressure can be transmitted through various media in mechanical waves, and that these waves are perceptible as sound. Why, without sounds, I’d never be able to duck out of my office through the window when I hear Warren coming to ask for a loan, nor would it be within my capacity to leap back in through that same window on detecting Warren in the act of digging through my drawers looking for spare change. Telephones would be useless, tubas and trombones would be nothing more than pathetic brass sculptures, and tightropes would, I guess, work exactly as well as they do now.


Also absent, of course, would be the characteristic pitched-up dinging noises that accompany a fruitful Peggle shot, and the thought of an Ode-To-Joyless Extreme Fever makes me so sad I think I have to lie down for a bit.


So, before I weep away my sadness at the notion of a world without sound, let’s give out a hearty cheer for the existence of sound! YAY, SOUND!

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