Hi, folks! Do you ever get strange sensations sometimes, as though vibrations and subsonic pulsations were shuddering through the very understructure of creation? No? Good! Neither do I!


- – -


I was getting a bit concerned for a second there. Nobody likes to have mountainous and invisible gyrations rumbling about just behind the zone of perception. It can be quite disturbing, when it happens. Which it isn’t. Happening, I mean. After all, if such a thing was to happen then sensitive and highly magical unicorns like me would be first to feel it, right?


It certainly would be an odd feeling to feel, for sure. It wouldn’t be unpleasant, necessarily. It wouldn’t be wrong or painful or evil in any way. It would just be… well, it’d be change, an advent of an unknown new, a harbinger of old certainties evaporating as fresh and greater truths crystalize and entwine into familiar spaces, tremors of transformations unrequested but not altogether unwelcome. It might even feel like the beginnings of a cosmic rebirth, if you were the sort to use such a silly description.


It’s almost a shame I’m not experiencing any of these feelings, because it would certainly be something if I were. Nope, I’m quite sure what I’m experiencing is just the random byproduct of a wee excess of gut gas, and not worth considering at all. Happy Hallowe’en, everybody!

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