New Applicants

Hi, folks! In our never-ending quest to improve and expand Peggle in every way imaginable, we interviewed a group of new Peggle Master hopefuls this morning!


- – - -


First I got a chance to chat with Shelly, a lovely young turtle who’s been working hard on her new Slomo power. When activated, the Slomo makes the Peggle ball move verrrrrrrrrry slowly. I tried it, and it was dizzying! I’ve seen some moving things and some motionless things, but I’ve never seen a thing that was so close to being both at the same time!


After Shelly we had Beezus drop by. He’s a smartly-dressed bee whose BuzzBomb power causes the ball to emit an ear-piercing sound for as long as it’s in the air. It’s really loud! After just a few shots I had to jam pencils in my ears to deafen myself!


Edgar, of course, is a jolly, underweight elephant. I’m really excited about his Nutzo power, which causes the ball to temporarily swap places with a peanut held in an alternate dimension. Incredible! Watching the transposition take place was definitely one of the most affecting, spiritual moments of my life.


And finally, we squeezed in just enough time to evaluate Hormel, an irascible porcupine with a taste for adventure. His power, the Fourier Transform, decomposes any function into its oscillatory functions! I’ve never realized the value of converting a complex-valued function of a real variable into another before, but now that I’ve seen it, the possibilities are endless!

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