Giving Thanks

Hi, folks! I’m told you in the part of the human world known as “The States” have just completed a quaint celebration known as “Thanksgiving.” In the fading spirit of this holiday, then, I asked the Masters to compile a list of all the things for which they are thankful!

- – -

Marina Squid: “I’m thankful for this HUUUUUGE bucket of oysters I’ve got right in front of me, so if you’ll excuse me I’m going to start stuffing myself with them right now!”


Lord Cinderbottom: “Of all the elements I enjoy, it is oxygen, with its attendant fire-enabling properties, that I find most pleasing, and indeed, pleasurable.”


Warren Rabbit: “Right now, let me tell you, I am very, very thankful the owners of the Heaviside Casino were so understanding about our little misunderstanding, because I really like having the use of my arms, legs and teeth.”


Tula Sunflower: “Thankful? Where to begin? I’m thankful for the sun and the Moon and the air and the sky and the rain and the sky and the soil and I mentioned the sky, didn’t I? The sky is really good!


Claude Lobster: “Ah, oui! I thank you all for the memories, most pungent and vibrant, the remembrances of all of our times together flipping ze Flippers, pitching ze Peggle ball back and forth for hours on ends. Such glories, they make me to weep!”


Splork Sporkan: “Borp! Fullreach of cosmotic expansion gives great happiness to myself, so thanksgiving is given at this time plus others!”


Renfield Pumpkin: “I’m just happy I managed to dodge the annual pumpkin pie carnage for another year! It was a close thing!”


Master Hu: “Ommm… the eternal balance of yin to yang brings peace to this owl, for otherwise stuff would get majorly goofy.”


Kat Tut: “Yarn! Yarn yarn yarn! Yarn and naps! Naps! And Peggle! Peggle, yarn and naps are things I’m grateful for! Meow!”


Jimmy Lightning: “Dude, radical! I am so pumped about stuff! Things are tubular to the max… and beyond!!! What was the question?”


Ah, Jimmy… you always know just what to say. And for me? What is the thing for which I, Bjorn Unicorn, Headmaster of the Peggle Institute, am most thankful? Why, that this week’s blog is finished, of course!

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