Solitaire Blitz

Hi, foks! While I will always stand firm in my absolute allegiance to Peggle as the greatest and only of all games, sometimes PopCap comes out with something new that almost makes me reconsider. This time it’s a dandy little confection called Solitaire Blitz!

- – -

I’ve played card games on the internet before, and while some of them are amusing, I find most to be miserable failures so dire they force a unicorn to question his desire to live. Not so with Solitaire Blitz!


It’s a simple variation on classic solitaire in which suits of the cards don’t matter and one may match cards both up and down. So, for example, you could play 6, 7, 8, 7, 8, 9, 10 in sequence and the game would reward you handsomely for your wisdom. This simple change allows for a snappy, fast-paced game with just the right level of challenge. And, of course, it’s a PopCap Blitz game, so each round comes in tasty little one-minute chunks so appealing you’ll gorge yourself on them for hours.


As if these keenly designed game elements weren’t enough, Solitaire Blitz jingles with expressive life as the game places the player in an inviting nautical scene. Delightful aquatic figures pop up at key moments to confer additional multipliers as soothing music and sound effects make you wonder how you ever were able to experience happiness before.


In other words, it’s fun! Try it out!

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