Peggle Science!

Hi, folks! I talk a lot about magic on this blog, which is appropriate considering just how darned magical everything is around here. But while magic is a fundamental part of our everyday existence, we’re also big fans of science!

- – -

Of course, as is so often the case, we do things a little differently here. Consider the question, “What laws of motion govern a falling body?” In your world, one of your scientists would think about the problem, come up with a provisional explanation or “hypo-thesis,” and then perform some kind of experiment which might support or disprove the proposed explanation. Likely your scientist would gather numbers or “data” which could be subjected to “analysis” or some similar process one could surround with “quotation marks” in order to sound smarter and more academic.


In the Peggle Universe, our approach to such a question would be much more direct. Faced with the question posed above, our enterprising Peggle Universe scientist would begin by writing the question down, by hand (or hoof, or tentacle, or what have you), one hundred times exactly. Our scientist would then fold up the medium on which he or she had written the questions (usually but not necessarily paper). She or he would then whisper quiet words of love and admiration to the paper, coaxing feelings of generosity and truthfullness from the fabric of the cosmos, after which he or she would then ask a servant or relative to deliver the folded paper to the Bureau of Unrelated Snacks, along with some token of esteem like an orange. Six to ten weeks later the answer to the question would arrive in the mail along with a handful of old bus tickets and Presto! a new scientific theory is born!

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