Hi, folks! Today I’m going to spend a little time to talk about what points are for and how you get them!


- – -


The first thing to understand is that points qua points are, in fact, completely illusory! That’s right! Points, in and of themselves, have no independent existence, but are in fact quantitative measurements of discrete Peggle events. Those points can then be collected and summed in order to create a mathematical expression of the overall quality of any given game of Peggle.


So let’s say, for example, that you played two games of Peggle and scored 75,000 and 350,000 points respectively. Within certain parameters, therefore, we may say that the second game was quite a bit better than the first game or, if you like, that the first game was much much worse than the second.


Obviously, this view is only an approximation, and doesn’t map directly to a number of subtle though extremely peggleriffic qualities such as uniqueness, awesomeness, and the degree to which a given game generates within the player that nigh-mystic quality known as “fun.” A low-scoring game, for example, may still be the source of some interesting or unusual replays if you’re easily amused.


Even within the halls of Peggle scholarship there is controversy over the exact use and expression of points. The function of the Fevermeter in particular, while useful to the initiated, can be a source of great confusion or even apathy. Just yesterday Jimmy explained to me he never quite understood what it was for, and he works here! As we can can see, therefore, scoring is a big area with lots of room to explore!

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