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Hi, folks! I’m remarkably high at the moment! – – -


Hi, folks! It certainly has been a while since the last update here at! The explanation is simple: I was being held prisoner! – – -

A Glitch in Time

Hi, folks! It sure was odd how no time at all passed between June 15 and now! A good thing, too, for if it had I’d be obliged to go through another incredibly tedious round of apologies. Whew! – – … Continue reading


Hi, folks! I’m getting ready to canter over to your human “Pittsburgh” this weekend, so this week’s blog post will be especially truncated!   – – -


Hi, folks! Today I’m going to spend a little time to talk about what points are for and how you get them!   – – -

A Trillion Apologies

Hi, folks! As you’ve no doubt noticed, this blog went without updates for two weeks straight with no explanation. According to Peggle custom, I now owe you all a trillion apologies. So, with no additional ado, let’s begin! Sorry sorry … Continue reading

Hi, folks!

Hi, folks! Recently it’s been brought to my attention that my propensity for beginning each and every blog post with the phrase “Hi, folks” is hi-ly repetitive!   – – -


Hi, folks! I’m all a-tremble with anticipation at the moment, as I’m about to pop over into your world to help out with one of your human “elections.” How exciting!   – – -


Hi, folks! I spent last week chatting with some of your human movie producers who have expressed interest in making a moving picture about Peggle! – – -

Peggle Science!

Hi, folks! I talk a lot about magic on this blog, which is appropriate considering just how darned magical everything is around here. But while magic is a fundamental part of our everyday existence, we’re also big fans of science! … Continue reading

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