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Come Back, Mr. Sun!

Hi, folks! One of my favorite things about this time of year is how abominably dark it gets. And so quickly, too! – – -

Giving Thanks

Hi, folks! I’m told you in the part of the human world known as “The States” have just completed a quaint celebration known as “Thanksgiving.” In the fading spirit of this holiday, then, I asked the Masters to compile a … Continue reading

New Applicants

Hi, folks! In our never-ending quest to improve and expand Peggle in every way imaginable, we interviewed a group of new Peggle Master hopefuls this morning!   – – – -

Faster Than Sight?

Hi, folks! Apparently some of your human scientists seem to believe they’ve discovered particles that move faster than light!

Free Ball!

Hi, folks! Friends, when times are strange and confusing, when cares of the world press down upon your brow, when the very air smells bad and has irritating sounds in it… that’s when you know it’s time to play Peggle!

Pigger Upper!

Hi, folks! I can’t believe the folks at PopCap were able to wangle me an interview with the porcine heroes of Pig Up, but wangle they did!

Up, Up and ever Pig Up!

Hi, folks! You know, as a unicorn I can do an extraordinary number of things, but one thing I’ve never been able to do is fly. Until today!

Bjorn Again

Hi, folks! It’s been a road a bit rockier than expected, but the Bjorn Blog lives again!

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