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Casting of the Pods

Hi, folks! Not long ago I was whinnying with my human friend and colleague Jeff Green at PopCap. Jeff, as I mentioned previously, is in charge of the PopCap blog (found, perplexingly, at But did you know that he … Continue reading

Spotlight: Jeremy Bilas 2

Welcome back, folks! Wednesday we chatted with Jeremy Bilas, Game Developer at PopCap Games. But we’re not finished with him! Not by a Long Shot!

Spotlight: Jeremy Bilas

Hi, folks! Guess what! The retail version of Peggle Nights just came out in your universe! What a great excuse to present this interview with PopCapper Jeremy Bilas!

Spotlight: Heather Hazen 2

Check it out! Heather Hazen is still with us telling us what it’s like to produce games at PopCap! (Click here for Part 1 of our interview!)

Spotlight: Heather Hazen

Hi, folks! Today we’re having a serious sit-down with Heather Hazen, producer with the Video Games Platform group at PopCap Games and maker of Peggle XBLA!