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Hi, folks! I’m remarkably high at the moment! – – -


Hi, folks! It certainly has been a while since the last update here at! The explanation is simple: I was being held prisoner! – – -

A Glitch in Time

Hi, folks! It sure was odd how no time at all passed between June 15 and now! A good thing, too, for if it had I’d be obliged to go through another incredibly tedious round of apologies. Whew! – – … Continue reading

A Trillion Apologies

Hi, folks! As you’ve no doubt noticed, this blog went without updates for two weeks straight with no explanation. According to Peggle custom, I now owe you all a trillion apologies. So, with no additional ado, let’s begin! Sorry sorry … Continue reading


Hi, folks! I’m all a-tremble with anticipation at the moment, as I’m about to pop over into your world to help out with one of your human “elections.” How exciting!   – – -


Hi, folks! I spent last week chatting with some of your human movie producers who have expressed interest in making a moving picture about Peggle! – – -

Peggle Science!

Hi, folks! I talk a lot about magic on this blog, which is appropriate considering just how darned magical everything is around here. But while magic is a fundamental part of our everyday existence, we’re also big fans of science! … Continue reading

Peggle Magic!

Hi, folks! You know, sometimes (though not very often), I forget how tragically unmagical your human universe is. Oh, sure, you may have quantum physics and love and synchronizing of the 6507 processor instructions to the television’s electron gun via … Continue reading

Peggle Pennies

Hi, folks! Almost a year ago I wrote a blog post about the curious human invention you call “currency.” Since then I’ve been looking into it, and today I’m prepared to announce that I am officially MAD FOR MONEY!   … Continue reading

Mystery of the Mastery

Hi, folks! Have you ever wondered how a Peggle Master develops his or her particular Magic Power? No? Think carefully. Surely you’ve thought of it at least once, even if it was only two seconds ago when you read the … Continue reading

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