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Peggle Pennies

Hi, folks! Almost a year ago I wrote a blog post about the curious human invention you call “currency.” Since then I’ve been looking into it, and today I’m prepared to announce that I am officially MAD FOR MONEY!   … Continue reading

Solitaire Pits

Hi, folks! Recently I’ve had to face up to a disturbing truth about myself: I’m terribly stupid!   – – –   I’ve been playing a bit of PopCap’s new Facebook game, Solitaire Blitz, you see. As I’ve mentioned in … Continue reading

Solitaire Blitz

Hi, foks! While I will always stand firm in my absolute allegiance to Peggle as the greatest and only of all games, sometimes PopCap comes out with something new that almost makes me reconsider. This time it’s a dandy little … Continue reading

Casting of the Pods

Hi, folks! Not long ago I was whinnying with my human friend and colleague Jeff Green at PopCap. Jeff, as I mentioned previously, is in charge of the PopCap blog (found, perplexingly, at But did you know that he … Continue reading

Pigger Upper!

Hi, folks! I can’t believe the folks at PopCap were able to wangle me an interview with the porcine heroes of Pig Up, but wangle they did!

Up, Up and ever Pig Up!

Hi, folks! You know, as a unicorn I can do an extraordinary number of things, but one thing I’ve never been able to do is fly. Until today!

Pleasing and Unpleasing

Hi, folks! A few weeks ago I urgently mentioned PopCap’s new game Unpleasant Horse. This week, other people have done the same!

Wishing Works

Hi, folks! As if I wasn’t pleased enough with our association with PopCap Games, another reason based on kindness and generosity presents itself!

Unpleasant Rising

Hi, folks! A few weeks ago I breathlessly teased you all about the unpleasantness of a horse. Today I am breathless—gasp! gasp!—to announce that Unpleasant Horse, PopCap Games’ window into the horse’s world, is LIVE! Gasp!

Music of the Cheers

Hi, folks! Do you like music? Do you like PopCap Games’ Bejeweled? Do you like PopCap Games’ Bejeweled’s music? Then I have some information you may find appealing!

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