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Hi, folks! I’m getting ready to canter over to your human “Pittsburgh” this weekend, so this week’s blog post will be especially truncated!   – – -


Hi, folks! Today I’m going to spend a little time to talk about what points are for and how you get them!   – – -

Hi, folks!

Hi, folks! Recently it’s been brought to my attention that my propensity for beginning each and every blog post with the phrase “Hi, folks” is hi-ly repetitive!   – – -

Seeing Food

Hi, folks! I just had a rigatoni with scallops and shrimp for lunch, and while it was good at the time, I’m not entirely sure my guts agree!   – – -

Last Post of the Year!

Hi, folks! Welcome to the last Bjornblog post of the year! – – -

Outer Reachings

Be greeted, Earthan humans! Splork Sporkan types letters into words you are now reading for fun and furious fulfillment! – – –  

No Words

Hi, folks! Sorry about missing out on the blog last week, but you know how it is: we ran out of language!